Dr.Salem Alfalasi


We take great pride in becoming a significant player of UAE in one of the unorganized sectors in Automobile Service Industry, over a very short period of time, we were able to prove and make a mark of our own in the car cleaning sector, with rapid and stable expansion strategies in achieving market share. Our growth meter is in its entirety to the dedicated operational staff and management team, where we strive to excel at what we do base on a philosophy of consistent improvement.

We are constantly innovating to improve our services to make our customer’s experience as hassle-free as possible, by launching ease free access to services offered by us.

As we look into future, we are planning to expand the business into new frontiers where no other automobile service industry has made its footstep, by expanding both locally and internationally. We are pledging to exceed our own set standards to deliver a world-class experience at an affordable cost for all. Promising a clean ride every time.