Brother Ambitions Group (B.A.G) ,an ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company is specialized in Eco friendly Car Wash Services suitable for shopping malls, residential & commercial Properties, hotels & rent a cars. Brother Ambitions Group is a Dubai based establishment licensed by Dubai Economic Department was founded way back in 2010 by Dr.Salem Alfalasi. Brother Ambitions building cleaning services is offering various types of cleaning services designed to meet the community requirements.

With the vast experience in facilities management business, we had grown into a professional facilities management company serving residential and commercial markets, satisfying its clients with effective professional skills. With our continuous training and certifications to enhance our technical skills, Brother Ambitions Group has developed a system on how we can effectively serve the clients’ demand with a protection of the environment.

Our environmental policy provides a systematic approach for environmental management across the business, having regard to sustainability, preventing pollution and continual improvement in environmental performance. We guarantee 100% eco-friendly, reliable, convenient and safe experience for our customers. Our commitment is to deliver lifetime satisfactory, clean, fast and ecofriendly experience that can be tailored to our valued customer needs and budget.


We take great pride in becoming a significant player of UAE in one of the unorganized sectors in Automobile Service Industry, over a very short period of time, we were able to prove and make a mark of our own in the car cleaning sector, with rapid and stable expansion strategies in achieving market share. Our growth meter is in its entirety to the dedicated operational staff and management team, where we strive to excel at what we do base on a philosophy of consistent improvement.


Save water for the Future Generations..


ENVIRONMENT We are proud to be recognized as an environmentally friendly, Green Business and a Certified Sustainable Business. We are committed to environmental protection and water conservation, recycling, water management and using more biodegradable products.

SOLUTIONS & MATERIALS: Our car wash services are safe and gentle for your car, but they pack incredible cleaning results. All of our car wash materials are tested, certified and 100% ecofriendly. Everything we use is returned to the environment safely.

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Brother Ambitions Group (B.A.G) is one of the U.A.E‘s leading cleaning services company operating throughout the country. We offer a broad range of commercial, domestic and industrial cleaning services to small, medium and large sized businesses. Whether a specialist clean in a medical environment required, or evens an end of tenancy, our carefully trained staff is able to ensure your environment remains spotless.

We have been operating for many years, providing our services to commercial Buildings, Offices, Residential Buildings, and Individual Residential units.

Brother Ambitions Group has the right tools and a dedicated team who are knowledgeable in all areas of building cleaning and they know which method will have the best result on your commercial premises. Some buildings may require pressure washing.

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cars already successfully washed!

Since we have start with the business.


Locations are managed & operated by us

More locations are planed to be taken.



Employees are working for us.

We are still hiring!


Minutes is average cleaning time for each car.

We are trying to reduce that!


Our cleaning experts are always on premises to make sure you have a round the clock service on demand at the venue.


Go Green manages large communities, malls, complexes and also outdoor parking spaces across Dubai.


Our service covers a third party insurance policy to safeguard vehicles from any damages or accidents caused at the venue*.


Go Green uses a special car cleaning product that is directly imported from the United States of America.


Our microfiber towels can soak up 9 times its weight in water. These high quality towels pull the dirt away from the surface and protect it from scratching caused by other ordinary cloths.


Our highly qualified management team makes sure our services are well executed to provide optimum quality and safety for your car.


Our cleaners are mobile; using only 3 bottles (waterless biodegradable products) and microfiber towels and tyre sponge carried with them in a COVERED trolley.


Our tyre polish is a high-shine, water-based silicone emulsion. It cleans, shines and protects rubber and vinyl. It dries smooth in about 20 minutes and does not leave any streaks on the car.


Separate to the tyre polish, we also use a rim cleaner with a special shine for the rims.